advisor_pro3.jpgadvisor_pro2.jpgMoon G. Joo, Ph.D. 


Pukyong National University

 Dept. Information and Communications Eng.


Tel.  : +82-51-629-6238

Fax. : +82-51-629-6238

E-mail : gabi{at}







Research area

  • Robotics and Automation Lab. (POSTECH)
  • Intelligent control: fuzzy, neural network
  • Robotics: mobile robot, ultrasonic sensor, unmanned underwater vehicle
  • Factory automation: VME, PLC, DDC, DCS etc.
  • RTOS application: VxWorks, VRTX, RTLinux, uC-OS etc.
  • Embedded system: ARM, AVR, LonWorks PLC etc.
  • Steel making process control: strip casting, continuous casting
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